DSC 0043Maria João Magno

Composer and performer in the musical area and creator of the Tigelafone project.
I've created and taken part in multidisciplinary musical projects that connect areas such as poetry, dance, photography and painting, with performances in many different cultural venues around the country.
I've also recorded my music and entered several TV programmes.
Teacher of several disciplins in the musical area.
Musical Coach.
Received an award in the International Ultimaker Education Challenge, contributing for the integration of the performative arts in STEM, in 2016.
Honorable Mention in the first competition for children's songs composition based on portuguese authored poetry, APEM, in 2014.

Integral part of the team for Aesthetic and Artistic Education, of the portuguese Ministry of Education and Science, in 2012.
Integral part of the team of the Division for Pedagogical Support and Innovation - Education Department of the Cascais Mayor's Office, between 2019 and 2022.

I have a Graduate Degree in Musical Science by the Universidade Nova de Lisboa.
Studied piano in the Musical Conservatory.

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