Tigelafone was born when a bowl made a very distinguished sound/ vibration after being struck by a wooden spoon.

Musical investigation came out from simple home bowls.

Maria João Magno investigated the ceramic bowl and found out Tigelafone as a musical instrument.

The first challenge was to find music after a sound and a musical instrument after the object.

Also, musical composition for Tigelafone had to be produced.

A second challenge has been presenting Singing Bowls/ Tigelafone for diferent publics both in conferences and concerts.

Tigelafone, the instrument was created in 2004.

In 2014 sound research was initiated by the brands Tigelafone and Red Clay and in 2016 these two brands established a partnership in which Red Clay manufactures bowls, uniquely for Tigelafone project, as a result of the previous research.

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